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All Locomotive system disorders products, Czech Republic

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Spa treatment 10

Marianske Lazne

Spa treatment 10

Orea Hotel Bohemia / Marianske Lazne

Minimum stay of 7 nights | full board | 10 therapy sessions per week

This program is designed to treat musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, and has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure, improving circulation, and promoting the activity of the digestive, urinary, renal, and hepatic systems.

Price: from 97 € / Person


Spa Hotel Thermal / Karlovy Vary

Minimum stay of 7 nights | 3 meals | 18 therapy sessions

For musculoskeletal and nervous system treatment.
Sessions include hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, massage, wrapping, exercise, and drinking therapy.

Price: from 121 € / Person

Intensive Spa Stay

Marianske Lazne

Intensive Spa Stay

Centralni Lazne / Marianske Lazne

The minimum stay is 7 nights | full board | 24 therapy sessions per week

Program designed to treat the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, distinguished by the intensity and quality of the sessions.
It is individually designed, combining treatments from natural sources with exercise therapy and other treatments in the spa.

Price: from 132 € / Person

Treatment Stay Lux

Beethoven Spa / Teplice

Minimum stay of 14 nights | full board | 30 treatments

It combines the therapeutic effects of mineral water with the experience of doctors 
and physiotherapists Replenishing the body with lost substances, 
preventing osteoporosis, helping to delay changes in the joints and alleviating chronic problems

Price: from 155 € / Person

Premium Plus

Tereziny lazne / Dubi

Minimum stay of 14 nights | full board | 44 treatments weekly

A program for the treatment of the locomotive system and the nervous system, 
and treats more difficult cases It is characterized by the intensity of the sessions 
and guarantees you 10 individual rehabilitation sessions per week

Price: from 168 € / Person