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The city of Teplice is located in the northwestern corner of the Czech Republic, close to the borders of the German Republic, approximately 90 km from the country's capital, Prague, and at an altitude of 229 m above sea level. The surface appearance of the city is represented by its presence in a basin surrounded by the central Bohemian highlands. And the Uri Mountains. The city's mountainous terrain has contributed to creating slopes and paths that attract visitors.


Trip instructions
Botanical garden
Dubravka Castle overlooking the city

Sports activities:
Aquatic center
Barbora thermal water
Golf training center
Skiing in winter

Cultural events:
Last week of May – Teplice Health Club season opened.
Second half of June – European Mitte Festival.
June – Concerts on the promenade by the North Bohemian Music Orchestra and brass band concerts.
June – Ludwig van Beethoven Festival


Pravredlo thermal spring
Church of St. John the Baptist
Memorial Hall of Ludwig Beethoven
Chateau Teplice


The city of Teplice is distinguished by containing the oldest resort in the Czech Republic, and the oldest health resorts in the European continent, as the city’s health resorts date back to the Bronze Age, and these resorts are distinguished by their high temperature, as the water temperature can reach 41°, which has attracted many people. Important figures resided in Teplice during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, such as: Tsar Peter I and the Swedish King.

Did you know?

The city of Teplice was named after the discovery of its hot springs – “Teplice”, which means “hot”.

In 1860, the first health club called “Diana Spa” was built.

People like L. Beethoven, R. Wagner, J.W. Goethe, F. Chopin, F. Liszt. a. Von Humboldt and many others have been successfully treated here.