Czech SPA



• Vertebrogennic radicular syndromes
• Conditions after injuries or surgeries of the central and peripheral nervous system with a failure of locomotion, with function recovery symptoms
• Arthritis
• Ankylosing spondylitis (Bechterew’s disease)
• Arthropathies accompanying blood disorders, endocrine, neurological
and pulmonary disorders
• Metabolic disorders with joint affection
• Painful syndromes of tendon insertions, from bursae, subcutaneous tissues, fat and muscles
• Functional or degenerative vertebrogenic algic syndrome, continually treated
• Idiopathic and other scoliosis with curve severity to 60 degrees according to Cobb, continually treated
• Conditions after injuries to the locomotive system and after orthopaedic operation
• Pre-operation preparation before a planned joint replacement
• Conditions after burns and after reconstruction procedures, where there is a risk for significant shrinkage of the scars, up to 6 months from healing

Note: Detailed list of indications can be found in "Accommodation details"


City of Lazne Belohrad is located amongst the foothills of the Krkonose mountains in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, approx.120 km from the capital city Prague. Surrounding countryside is full of green forests and well-preserved folk architecture.


Nordic walking
Horse riding
Zoo and safari in the city of Dvůr Králové
Shopping & cinema at the city of Hradec Králové or Jičín
Skiing and snowtubing in Krkonoše mountains during winter


Medieval castle Pecka
Safari and zoo in the city of Dvůr Králové
Prachov and Bozkov Rocks “Prachovské a Bozkovské skály”
Krkonoše mountains


Even though the town of today was founded already in 1354 along the little Javorka river the spa resort itself was established by a Prussian countess, Anna of Asseburg, at the end of 19th century. By 1888, the resort become officially recognised as a curative institution that was authorised to bear the title of a sulphur peat spa with medical procedures effective especially for the treatment of rheumatic and degenerative disorders of the motor system and also for treatment of neurological and blood-vessel disorders and burn casualties.