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The attractive sanatorium town of Belohrad is located in a picturesque and ecologically clean valley at the bottom of the Krkonoše Mountains in the northeastern part of the Czech Republic, about 120 km from the capital, Prague.
The surrounding countryside is characterized by green forests and wonderful folk architecture.


Nordic walking
Horse riding
Zoo and safari in the city of Dvůr Králové
Shopping & cinema at the city of Hradec Králové or Jičín
Skiing and snowtubing in Krkonoše mountains during winter


Medieval castle Pecka
Safari and zoo in the city of Dvůr Králové
Prachov and Bozkov Rocks “Prachovské a Bozkovské skály”
Krkonoše mountains


Although the current city was actually founded in 1354 along the small Javork River, the health resort was founded at the end of the 19th century thanks to the Prussian Countess Anna of Asseberg. By 1888, the health resort became officially known as a therapeutic institution authorized to bear the name of the Sulfur Therapy Resort, which specializes in effective medical treatments, especially in the treatment of degenerative rheumatoid disorders of the locomotor system, as well as the treatment of nervous and vascular disorders, as well as burns.

Did you know?

Did you know that the city of Belohrad was called the White Castle because of its white walls, which later led to the name Belohrad