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Reha Klim 18+ Out-patient stay

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Specialized treatment program REHA-KLIM 18+ Out-patient stay that includes:

  • Entrance and final examination and check-up once a week
  • 4-weeks stay - 19 x 1,5 hours of individual remedial exercises
  • 3-weeks stay - 14 x 1,5 hours of individual remedial exercises
  • 2-weeks stay - 9 x 1,5 hours of individual remedial exercises

    Other procedures:
  • Individual ergotherapy
  • Individual iodine-bromine bath + dry pack
  • Fitness - motomed
  • Classical partial massage or sole massage An MO
  • Aroma therapy massage
  • Chocolate and honey massage
  • IRE verticalization/dynamic
  • Individual snoezelen
  • Final medical report

    Nottification: In case that health problems or any other significant causes occur during the program and it disallows to continue the treatment, program will be discontinued on basis of SK Senior Consultants decision Sanatoria Klimkovice will offer you alternative date for completing rest of the program.

    Within the REHA-KLIM 18+ Out patient stay program are applied air splints URIAS that were used for the first time by Scotch physiotherapist Matgaret Kphnnstone in sixtees in past centry already. This rehabilitative program takes advantage of passive and active part of therapy effect.

    Passive part of the effect on a limb:
  • Optimizing the muscular tension of afflicted limb
  • Optimizing the adjustment of joint structures in application area
  • Positively influences the existing contractures and functions preventively against the new ones

    Active part of the affect on a limb:
  • Support of automatically proper adjustment of spare parts of limb including root joint and trunk
  • Preventing from development of pathological synkinesis at supervised or spontaneous movements.

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