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Outpatient treatment program Lux Slim Imperial Spa

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The minimum length of the stay is 10 days (Monday - Friday), the recommended length of the stay is 30 therapeutic days.

Price includes:
26 procedures per week (from Monday to Friday): 2 times a week – Aqua
Aerobic, 2 times a week Anti-cellulite hydro-massage, once a week Carbonic Bath, 2 times a week
- Nordic Walking, 2 times a week Stationary Bike (or Motomed), once a week – Imoove (Whole
Body Stimulation), 3 times a week - Anti-cellulite Massage, 3 times a week – Lymphastim
(Pressotheraphy Device, 2 times a week lower limbs, once a week upper limbs), 3 times a week -
Electronic Abdominal Muscle Stimulation, 4 times a week gas injections into the abdomen, 3
times a week magnetotherapy

Final medical report.
Diet plan for weight-loss composed by a nutritionist.
Free admission to the fitness.

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