Czech SPA



Diseases of the locomotive organs
• Diseases of the locomotive organs of an inflammatory and degenerative and nature; muscle, ligament and fascia diseases, post-traumatic and post-operative conditions of the locomotive organs, congenital orthopaedic defects, scoliosis, juvenile and chronic arthritis

Vascular Diseases
• Peripheral arterial diseases, conditions following phlebitis and chronic lymphatic oedema, conditions following reconstructive vascular operations, occupational vasoneurosis and hypertension diseases of the 1st to 3rd degree

Nervous Disorders
Conditions following cerebral incidences, conditions following spine or brain surgery, disseminated sclerosis, congenital paralysis, polio, hypokinesia following injury to the central nervous system, muscular diseases

Mental Disorders
• Psychoses in remission and neurological disorders

Note: Detailed list of indications can be found in "Accommodation details"


Teplice springs are among the longest known and intensively utilised springs in Central Europe. Teplice is located in northwestern Bohemia in a basin situated between the Czech Central Mountains and the massive of the Ore Mountains not far from the border with the Germany. The distance between Prague and Teplice is about 87 km.


Tips for trips:
Botanical garden
Doubravka Castle above the city

Sport activities:
Barbora water reservoir
Golf training centre
Skiing in the winter season

Cultural events:
Last week of may - Opening of the Teplice Spa Season
2nd half of June - Mitte Europa Festival
June - Promenade concerts by the North Bohemian Philharmonic Orchestra and brass-band concerts
June - Ludwig van Beethoven Festival


Thermal Pravridlo spring
The Church of St. John the Baptist
The Ludwig von Beethoven Commemorative Hall.
Teplice Chateau


The thermal springs are fabled to have been discovered as early as 762, however the first references to healing springs are from the 8th century.

First authentic mention of the baths occurred in the 16th century. The 16th century with its great development of balneology is an important period for Teplice. The first spa houses are established near the Pravřídlo (Primary Hot Spring).

In the period ranging from the discovery of the first hot spring to the beginning of the spa season in 2004, the town of Teplice witnessed a number of both violent and calm changes and transformations, and the top of its splendour and glory was the period at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. Today the town gradually regains its former beauty and charm.

Did you know?

Teplice, was named after its hot springs – „Teply“ means „hot“.

In 1860 the first spa building called “Diana’s Spa” was built.

Individuals such as L. van Beethoven, R. Wagner, J.W. Goethe, F. Chopin, F. Liszt, A. von Humboldt and many others were successfully treated here.