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Marianske Lazne


Locomotive System Disorders: Vertebrogenous algic syndrome (backache), degenerative disorders of locomotive system (spine and large joints), osteoporosis, post-operation conditions following orthopaedic surgery (endoprothesis). Disorders of the Kidneys and of the Urinary Tract: Chronic inflammations, conditions following operations of kidney and urinary stones or crushing them with shockwaves, kidney and urinary tract post-operation conditions, prostate disorders (inflammations, post-operation conditions). Respiratory Disorders: Chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, nasal allergies, post-operation conditions of the lower air passages. Metabolic Disorders: Obesity, gout, constipation, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipoproteinaemia. Gynaecological Disorders, including the Treatment of Sterility: Vulvouterine inflammatory disorders, gynaecological post-operation conditions, sterility, infertility, climacteric syndrome and urine incontinence. Oncological Disorders: Rehabilitation of patients following completed treatment of breast cancer, cancer of the genitalia or other oncological disorders (except for malignant blood diseases). Secondary Diagnosis: Thanks to natural medicinal sources, it is possible to successfully treat as a secondary diagnosis; hypertension, ischaemic heart diseases, ischaemic disorders of lower limbs, potency disorders.


Marianske Lazne is a spa town in the Karlovy Vary region of the Czech Republic not far from German borders. The town, surrounded by green mountains, is a mosaic of parks and noble houses. The Spa is located 166 Km from Prague international airport and 46 Km from Karlovy Vary international airport.


Marianske Lazne offers great condtions for both summer and winter sports thanks to the beautiful surroundings of the city and high altitude. For the case of a bad weather, there are numerous indoor sport facilities in the city.

-Mountain biking
-Horse riding
-Bathing – natural Lido with sand beaches
-Sport flying

-Cross country skiing
-Hockey stadium


It is an architectonic masterpiece. A city in a park, a park in a city. A city of healing mineral springs. A spa visited and admired by kings and emperors, famous artists, musicians and scholars.

Improve your health with the help of the best specialists in balneology. Experience the wellness. Go in for your favourite sport in the beautiful countryside and fresh air. Admire the ancient castles and magnificent chateaux. Or just relax and enjoy the spa atmosphere and excellent gastronomy. Visit Marianske Lazne.


The valley in which Marianske Lazne sits was in ancient times a place of wild nature, dense forests with decaying tree stumps and deep swamps making it a place worthy of the label 'a God forgotten area'. This desolate place at that time, hid the wealth that is the mineral springs we know today

Did you know?

There are more than 40 mineral springs in the urban area of Marianske Lazne. Even more striking is the very diverse chemical composition of the springs. Thanks to this exceptional natural phenomenon a large number of various diseases are cured in Marianske Lazne. Most of the springs are open to the public and their use is free of charge.