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Nervous diseases
Semi paralysis except traumatogenic, including post-infectious polyradikuloneritis, postpoliomyelitic syndrome,
Conditions after injuries and operations of central and peripheral nervous system with defects of motility, with symptoms of renewing fiction
Polyneuropathy with symptoms of paresis
Root syndromes of vertebral origin
Hemiparesis and paraparesis of vascular origin without expressive psychic changes with symptoms of renewing fiction
Sclerosis disseminated and other demyelinization diseases except attack
Neuro-muscular diseases
Syringomyelia with symptoms of paresis
Children poliomyelitis (from the age of 14 years)

Lokomotive system diseases
Painful syndromes of tendons, tentacles, bursa, subcutaneous tissue, lipid of skeleton muscles, including afflictions caused by work with vibrating tools and excessive one-sided overexertion, extra-articular rheumatism total and located
Koxarthrosis in systematic treatment
Gonarthrosis in systematic treatment
Arthrosis in other locations (including Hyberden´s polyarthrosis with afflictions of arm and leg joints
Vertebral alhgic syndrome of functional or degenerative origin, in systematic treatment
Conditions after injuries of locomotive system and after orthopaedic operations, including conditions after operations of inter-vertebral plates and spinal stenosis
Conditions after orthopaedic operations with utilisation of joint substitution
Pre-operative preparation before joint substitution


The town of Dubí is to be found at the foot of the Krušné Hory at 420 m. above sea level, 7 km away from a larger town of Teplice, Prague Airport 92 KM


The spa complex is able to take up to 236 guests in 134 apartments offering one bed or two beds in an apartment; also three beds are available within a bedroom.
The bedrooms rate among standard rooms to luxury apartments. Some bedrooms lead to a terrace; some bedrooms take guests to balconies or show views of the picturesque park. There is standard equipment of a bathroom adjoined, a toilet, LCD television with cable TV and a large scope of channels, a refrigerator, a telephone, internet access and great modern furnishing.
A unique aspect of the spa is its wheelchair accessibility.


The clients are invited to make their own choice of food from the menu or pick from a buffet offer, depending on the type of stay. If fee is paid, we offer a “bring-to-your-room” service.
Other clients are served meals at given times. If you plan a day trip, there is an opportunity of ordering a packet lunch to be taken with you - if you let our staff know in advance.