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Klim-Therapy 18+ Out-patient stay

اختر تاريخ الإقامة


Specialized treatment program KLIM-THERAPY 18+ Out-patient stay that includes:

  • Entrance and final examination and check-up once a week
  • 19 x2.5 hours of individual remedial exercises (IRE) Klim-Therapy 18+ (4-weeks stay)
  • 14x 2,5 hours of IRE Klim-Therapy 18+ (3-weeks stay) or 9x 2,5 hours of IRE Klim-Therapy 18+ (2-weeks stay)
  • Other procedures: individual ergotherapy
  • Fitnessmotomed-free of charge
  • Individual remedial exercises - SpiderWalk/Woodway
  • individual iodine-bromine bath + dry pack, classical partial massage or sole massage An Mo
  • Aroma therapy massage chocolate or honey, oxygen therapy (50min.)
  • Psychotherapy Cogni plus
  • IRE verticalization/dynamic/ EEG biofeedback, hemp pack, final medical report.

    Notification: Procedures included in KLIM-THERAPY program cannot be changed! In case that the health problems or any other significant causes occur during the program and it disallows to continue the treatment, program will be discontinued on basis of SK Senior Consultant's decision.
    Sanatoria Klimkovice will offer you alternate date for completing the rest of the program.

    Innovative and highly effective method KLIM-THERAPY 18 plus is the complex attitude to the treatment of adult patients with neuromuscular deficiency:
  • Traumatic disorder of brain
  • Vascular encephalic incidence
  • Sclerosis multiplex
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Parkinson's disease

    Effects of KLIM-THERAPY 18+
    Therapeutic plan KLIM-THERAPY 18+ benefits to improvement of not only patient's physical but also mental abilities, to improvement of self-sufficiency, to change of ability to coordinate body in space, to change of pathological reflexes, to restoration of proper movement habits and strengthening of muscular strength.

    Contraindications to the treatment program KLIM-THERAPY 18+ Out-patient stay
    Man to man infective diseases and germ-carrying, all diseases in acute state, clinic signs of circulation failure, malign arrhythmia, condition after deep thrombosis within 3 months after subsiding of disease, conditions after surface thrombophlebitis within 6 weeks after subsiding of disease, labile diabetes mellitus and decompensated diabetes mellitus, often repeated profusion bleeding of all types, Kachexia of all types, malignant tumors, decompensated epilepsy, active attacks and phases of psychosis and mental disorders with asocial displays or lowered possibility to communicate, transitory conditions of turbidity, addiction to alcohol or other addictive drugs, refractory dermal defects of any origin, severe osteoporosis, stomy, fever, subluxation of coxal joints for more than 50%.

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